SERVICE: AMAZON_CLOUD with the IPAD partially broken by design

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The Amazon MP3 Store on iPad lets you shop one of the world’s largest DRM-free (digital rights management free) digital music stores and save your purchases for free to Amazon’s online storage service, Amazon Cloud Drive. Purchases stored in Amazon Cloud Drive are available for playback from any iPad, Mac, PC, or Android device and available for download from any Mac, PC, or Android device using the free web browser-based application Amazon Cloud Player.

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OK, first time I’ve “found” a significant flaw in the AMAZON_CLOUD with the IPAD.

You can play your music, BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), you can’t copy it TO the IPAD.

That means you have to be connected to the INET and play YOUR music, that you’ve bought, with their application.


The quest is now on for a work around.

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No easy workaround.


Why if I buy the song from APPLE_ITUNES does it get downloaded to the IPAD’s version, but if I buy it from AMAZON it can’t be?

Restraint of trade by technology?

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Well it’s there. BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), you have to go thru ITUNES to get it to the IPAD. The downside is that it makes extra copies on the desktop in ITUNES.


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NEWJERSEY: More “State” Gooferment stupidity — minimum wage diktats

Monday, January 09, 2012
A progressive push in the Legislature
by Hank Kalet,

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New Jersey Democrats are flexing their more progressive muscles. The party is making two important progressive goals their top priorities — an increased minimum wage and marriage equality.

Sheila Oliver, the Assembly speaker, announced today that bumping the minimum wage to $8.50 from $7.25 an hour would be a top priority of the Assembly legislative session that starts tomorrow.

She called it an “economic stimulus that doesn’t come in the form of more debt or increased spending” and “is a recognition that thousands of households in New Jersey are struggling to subsist on minimum wage jobs that do not allow them to support their families.”

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Let’s just take on one piece of stupidity … minimum wage legislation!

Make it one hundred dollars an hour!

Absurd. Sure, but why? Because if you don’t understand that a wage is a reflection of the value that the position creates. Wish and hoping ain’t going to change the realities.

Now let’s examine the motivation for why politicians want to “raise the minimum wage”.

We know that businesses lay off or restructure to avoid it. Full timers become part time. Hours get cut. And, on the margins, businesses close and everyone one loses. So why?

It’s very simple.

When the “minimum wage” is raised all the politicians, bureaucrats, and Gooferment “workers” get a raise. And, usually union contracts are pegged to the minimum wage, so they get a raise as well.
So why would a Democrat want to raise the minimum wage? It’s a payoff of taxpayer money to the Democratic base.


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