POLITICAL: What the government is not


The Case for Austerity
by Andrew P. Napolitano

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Government is not a jobs program, and government is not your caretaker. Government is an arrangement made by free individuals to protect their rights and their property.

It doesn’t take $3.6 trillion a year to do that effectively in America today. I doubt it takes a trillion. We must swallow the bitter pill of austerity now, on our own terms, while we are still the undisputed leader of the free world and while we still have a Constitution, so that we can restore our prosperity in a way consistent with personal liberty.

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Certainly seems that the 15T$ national debt is OUR problem.

If we were all on the same page, then we could amortize that over generations.

Bet we could sell 50 year bonds!

But we’re not even on the same planet as some people.

The Tea Party and the Occupy folks were all screaming about the same thing. Crony Capitalism, Regulatory Capture, and Rule by the Effete Elite. (imho)

Time to cut spending. And get everyone back to work.

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2 thoughts on “POLITICAL: What the government is not

  1. I don’t know that for a fact! And, if he is, so what? I knew Rosie was gay when she was on TV, but she was the “Queen of Nice”. So what she did at home was none of my business. When she finished her show, then she became a zealot and insisted that everyone cow tow to her agenda. Every American, gay or straight, has the right to be left alone. As long as, I don’t have to pay for it or give it special status, I don’t care. IF he doesn’t aggress on people, he can be whatever he wants to be.

  2. When will Judge Napolitano come out of the closet and admit that like former Governor James McGreevey, he is a “gay American.” It is well known in Bergen County, NJ that the Judge is gay.

    [MODERATOR’S NOTE: This comment makes an assertion that we have now proof of one way or another. This blog believes that free speech means that we take this comment and treat it with care. The remedy for bad speech is more speech. Right or wrong, I left the comment here. But I don’t stand behind it.]

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