FUN: Best blog posts of 2011 as determined by the Academy of Better “Life Facing” … aka me!

2012 Winners

# – # – #

While every blog post is brilliant, important, prescient, funny, pragmatic, and above all eternally valuable. Here, in the tradition of parades, dog shows, beauty contests everywhere, and self-serving music awards shows, are my “winners”.

The envelope please!

The Theme Trophy for establishing the blog’s “voice”

MEMORIES: I’ll never forget old what’s her name

The Judge’s Special Trophy for the post I liked most

RANT: “Due to my parents poor financial planning …”

The Fantasy Trophy for the best the way it SHOULD be


The President’s Trophy for Best Depiction of Life in the United States

TAGONIST: Wrong door raid in the Hudson Valley

The Governor’s Trophy for best NJ issue

NEWJERSEY: Partially good; partially dumb

Time for a “profit center” time out. Now available on the Kindle and the kindle lending library

The Mayor’s Trophy for Most Outstanding Kendall Park Entry

NEWJERSEY: Kyleigh’s Law a big mistake

The International Trophy for an entry about Outside the United States

RANT: An Israeli Perspective on events in Egypt

The Morris the Cat Trophy for best animal post

NEWJERSEY: Shulz’s Law

The Alan Greenspan Trophy for the best post about Money

MONEY: Gas for a dime a gallon

The Johnny Carson Trophy for the most comical and amusing finding

FUN: The Book

Time for a “profit center” time out. for this particular “poor” fat old white guy injineer; an endangered species!

The Albert Einstein Trophy for the best original idea

POLITICAL: Too big to fail?

The Jasper Lawyer’s Trophy for the most strident political entry

FUN: A Congress of … …

The Big Turkey’s Trophy for the best Job Search Advice

JOBSEARCH: Official notice that the employment model has changed

The Massad Ayoob Trophy for the most read Gun post

GUNS: Protecting old women … a suitable gun!

The Luddite’s Trophy for the post that got him the most enraged imho

RANT: A smart guy is a liberal

Time for a “profit center” time out. for a little fun

The Guttenberg Trophy for the best original writing

WRITING: “Joan d’Arc — Third Vermont Republic”

The George Carlin Trophy for the best original humor

FUN: “… now where’s the supermodel?”

The Princess’ Trophy for the Most Beautiful Entry mentioning Frau

MEMORIES: Frau Reinke loved Haloween


The Best In Show for the prettiest horse in the glue factory

INSPIRATIONAL: My father’s sister has passed

# – # – # – # – #

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