POLITICAL: Excluding the “right” people


December 24, 2011Yes, Virginia —Posted by Charles Burris on December 24, 2011 12:55 PM

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Let the Virginia ballot disqualification experience of Gingrich, Bachmann, Huntsman, Santorum, and Perry be an eye-opening object lesson to those dedicated supporters of Ron Paul who urge an independent or third party bid. The American electoral system is organized into fifty-two different sets of election laws (the federal laws and those of the 50 states and Guam). Each jurisdiction has entirely different ballot petition requirements for the Democrats and Republicans, as well as third party and independent presidential candidates.

These requirements are onerous, unduly burdensome, and chilling in their effect of squashing voters choosing candidates other than the Democrats and Republicans who draft and vigorously enforce these laws to protect their duopoly. I have been a litigant to several legal challenges to these restrictive laws in Oklahoma at the state and federal level, some cases reaching the United States Supreme Court.

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So let’s understand this. Asking for id to vote is discriminatory excluding voters. But 50 or more ballot processes is OK.

It’s OBVIOUSLY OK, because it excludes the “right” people.

Participation by other than a “good kop / bad kop” candidate is VERY BAD to the status quo.

So the entrenched ruling class keeps the serfs down on the farm!


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