GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Minimum house size?

“TINY”: A (short) Documentary about Living Small
by Kent Griswold on November 27th, 2011
Guest Post by Merete Mueller, co-director and producer of the film.

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“TINY: A Story About Living Small” is a short documentary about Christopher Smith’s process of building a tiny house from scratch with no building experience in the mountains of Colorado. The film also follows the lives of other families around the country who have downsized their lives to less than 400 square feet.

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That cabin turned into a tiny house on wheels when he learned that building codes in Park County, Colorado would require him to build a house of at least 600-square feet. He realized that a house on wheels would allow him to bypass these laws, and the more that he learned about tiny houses, the more he liked the idea of minimally impacting the land he had bought by simply parking his small home on it, instead of digging a foundation into the ground.

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Doesn’t anyone else find this “absurd”?

In the era of conspicuous consumption, homelessness, and unsaleable McMansions, why not “small”?

It seems that “tiny” houses can be done for well under 100k$.

Guess this doesn’t make the tax collectors happy or the builders.

What’s wrong with youngsters going back to the land and building something they can afford?

Make me ask what is the purpose of a building code anyway? Make work for politicians and bureaucrats. Not like they stand behind their “inspections”. Just watch “Holmes on Homes” or do a project with contractors that require permits and “inspections”.

What a joke!

Except that we pay for it in so many many ways.

Couldn’t we have a “village of tiny houses” without it being a “shanty town”. Instead of “projects” or “dormitories”, tiny houses.

Homes that people can afford.

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One Response to GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Minimum house size?

  1. Dave says:

    Interesting post. It so happens that we own a parcel of land in Park County, CO and have just recently become interested in so called “Tiny Houses”. Without doing any research yet, we have thought that such a house might be the solution to a part time house to enjoy the County. I am certainly no youngster and there is no way I would live in a “shanty”. Looks like I will have to get busy with the County planning department.

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