LIBERTY: The pseudo “War” on (SOME) drugs

Keene’s Latest Drug War Victims
August 3, 2010 by Ian Freeman

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If there were no War on Drugs, drugs could be sold legally anywhere. People could go to the corner store, for instance, to buy their marijuana and other drugs. They would be manufactured safely and distributed with usage recommendations, just like aspirin. They’d also be cheap because in the regular market competition brings prices down when the distributors aren’t jacking their rates due to risk of arrest.

Since unfortunately there IS a War on Drugs, criminal thugs are frequently the only way to acquire the drugs that people are looking for. This is because criminals are the ones most willing to risk arrest to do business. Since people are going to do drugs regardless of their legal status, this puts a lot of buyers in serious danger of being ripped off, or worse. The Keene Sentinel reports on the “or worse” part of drug prohibition. When was the last time the clerk at Walgreens beat the shit out of a customer trying to buy some aspirin?

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This sparks my continued opposition to the PWOSD (“Pseudo War On Some Drugs”).

As usual, I’ll trot out my big three points: It’s immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As with all Gooferment efforts as well as anything based on other than voluntary agreement between two or more people, it just doesn’t achieve the stated aims.


Do you own your own body? If so, then NO ONE has the right to tell you what you can or can not put in your body.

A gangs of costumed people kill and maim in our name. Funded by wealth stolen from us. All under the guise of “savings us from the scourge of drugs”.

Prisons a full of minorities. Full of non-violent offenders. And, the inner cities are destroyed by the PWOSD.


The addiction rates have been constant over eons. How can they claim the PWOSD has any effect.

Children die from drugs cut with rat poison or drugs with unknown potency. “Illegal” drugs kill. There’s no second chance form that mistake. Legalization would put “clean” “safe” drugs out there.

Drug Lords and Terrorists are empowered by the money funneled to them by “illegal” drugs. Let WalMart put them in the poor house.

Doing “illegal” drugs has the allure of the forbidden. “Legalizing” eliminates the attraction.


Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol; it CAN NOT work for some drugs.

The militarized police are running roughshod over the citizens’ rights.

Graft subverts the police, politicians and bureaucrats.

“Illegal” drugs should cost should be comparable to aspirin. At those prices, it should be able to hold a job while being an addict.

Money spent of punishment could be spent on rehabilitation.


Can anyone think it does? Children tell me it’s easier for them to get pot than alcohol. How can that be? It just doesn’t work. Put WalMart, Walgreens, Duane Reade, CVS, … in charge of selling them and I’m sure they can do a great job of keeping it out of the hands of children. Prohibition doesn’t work. Ever see kids with cigarettes?


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