RANT: “Illegal” immigration


The Truths We Dare Not Speak About Illegal Immigration

July 30, 2010 – by Victor Davis Hanson

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Americans are increasingly confused by the tone of the debate, in which self-appointed spokesmen for illegal aliens and indeed, on occasion, illegal aliens themselves seem so critical of policies embraced by 70% of the American populace of all classes and races that they so eagerly wish to join. In cases of the May Day parades, why would alien demonstrators appear so critical of the country (or at least its law) that they so desperately wish to stay in, and so fond and romantic about the country that they so desperately wish to leave? It all makes little or no sense, other than the emotional anger at the paradox of wanting to be in a lawful America without being lawful. Even if the Mexican flag is a symbol of ethnic solidarity, in the manner of the Italian flag for a few East Coast communities, it nevertheless conveys the message of romance for a nation that by all accounts has treated its own quite poorly. And when we get to the purported racialist charges against supporters of closed borders, it all becomes Orwellian, given that Mexico’s ruling elite is as about as racist a government as one can imagine — a Spanish heritage aristocracy glad to see its own indigenous peoples fleeing northward while charging their receptive host with racism.

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If we eliminated welfare, “free” public education, and simplified the immigration laws, we’d have no “illegal immigration” problem.

Coming here to work, welcome. Coming here to sponge or cause trouble, bye.

We need all those hard working souls “yearning to be free”. As a matter of fact, we have a bunch of “citizen” deadbeats, politicians and bureaucrats that we need to get rid of as well.

Reality is setting in?

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One Response to RANT: “Illegal” immigration

  1. jack says:

    The problem is we do not need anymore people right now in the US! Not until we get this nations unemployment rate fixed and our economy back up and running !
    We do not need people here taking jobs away from Americans while driving down the pay wage not paying taxes and sending money back home that never makes it back into our economy! Then having more children then they can afford Sponging off our health care system and every government program they can ! I have been behind them in Supermarkets where they pay with food stamps their wic cards and then drive off in a better car then I own..
    They came here and broke the law by doing so and continue to do so by paying no taxes ! They have no respect for the law and for those who live by it!
    My Father,Grandfather,uncles and cousins have fought in wars so we the American People can have the rights and freedoms we have today..Not so our POTUS can just give them away to Illegals who have No Rights here and DESERVE NOTHING ! We have to cut School programs because there is not enough money but some how we have money for their Anchor babies,their children to go to school to feed them and anything else they might need !There is nothing set in place to deter them from coming here ! Seems it is more geared to entice them to come here! Enough is Enough!!! an estimated 11-20 million of them here the unemployed in this country is nearly 14 million it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if we deported them all fined and imprisoned the people who hire them that our economy and unemployment rate would greatly improve! Our president seems to care for the welfare of these people more then the US citizen ! He is not smart enough to realize that if he secured our borders and deported all the Illegals and said Look America see now there are enough jobs to go around and the economy is so much better and unemployment rate is at an acceptable level he could easily win another term ! Though I realize doing what is right for the American People is not part of his agenda!

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