RANT: No work for fat old white guys. Even if they are not fat

XXXXX told me an interesting story about his law practice. He gets most of his business from referrals. YYYYY is still out of work. Guess another not so fat old white guy is screwed.


And, as an employment trend, it portends more problems for the country later on. If you can’t find work after say 50, 55, or 60, then we’re screwed as a country. During your working life, say from 20 to 50, you have to put away enough to carry you from 50 to 65. Where one assumes that “social security” and “pensions” will begin.

Argh! Bad assumption.

Let’s reuse that math principle I quote a lot (2.4M$ @ 5% = 120k$ per year) and apply it to our situation. In the 30 years in 20 to 50, you must save 2.4M$. Or, 80k$ per year!

Can’t be done. It not solvable. So what does one do?

I don’t know.

If someone had shown me this when I was younger, I don’t know what I would have said. Even now I’m speechless.

Go to work for the gooferment! You can’t be fired and you get a gold plated pension!


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