POLITICAL: Filling out my list of the “worst” Presidents

A fellow alum posited that:

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“If you were to be trapped in a cave for 30 days and had the choice of ANY dead president to chill with…who would it be and why.”

Probably George Washington or Lyndon B. Johnson.

Washington so I could fill him in the shit state of the US today.

Johnson because he was an incredibly important figure during the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement. I guess I’m not over my thesis. Still emotionally attached. Sigh. I would just like to talk to him about his true feelings about the war as well as the civil rights and black power movements.

*** end quote ***

Washington was unarguably the “best” President.

But I’d assert that LBJ is pretty well down there for worst. “Civil Rights” was forced on him by the “evil” republicans to get more funding for Vietnam. (I remember reading about it in the papers.)

My “worst” list:

(1) Lincoln (Civil War over secession ending the “America Experiment” on liberty, corrupt railroad lawyer figuratively in bed with Northeastern power brokers and literally in bed with some “interesting” people whole presenting a different image to the folks, First Amendment violations, Income Tax, )

(2) Wilson (duped us into WW2 after running on a “peace platform”, racist, Progressive, Federal Reserve, Income Tax)

(3) Truman (ABombed defenseless civilians)

(4) FDR (Progressive, the “social security” scam, End the Gold Standard, may have lied us into war, Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914.)

(5) LBJ (Gulf of Tonkin to expand the VietNam war, expanded the draft, put the Welfare / Warfare state on steroids)

(6) BHO (Healthcare, Porkulous, GM, Wall Street Bailout, started us on the road to socialism)

Also rans (Not even close to the “big” time):

(*) Nixon (Expanded Drug War on the inner cities, ended the international Gold Standard)

(*) Bush41 (“No new taxes”)

(*) Kennedy (Expanded the VietNam war, Bay of Pigs, permitted a trip to Dallas)

(*) Regan (Deficits, ran with Bush41)

(*) Jefferson (Demonstrated that absolute power corrupts even the best men)

(*) Bush43 (Started the Iraq war)

(*) Clinton (Whitewater, “Slick-ness”, Monica IN the Oval Office, lot of “little wars”)


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Like anyone cares about my opinions!

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Adding Teddy to #7 ahead of the “also-rans”!

(7) Teddy (Crazy, “world’s policeman”, “master race”, “trust buster” of the unfavored business, “food safety crisis”, “conservation”, and worst reviving the income tax.


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2 Responses to POLITICAL: Filling out my list of the “worst” Presidents

  1. reinkefj says:

    Sometimes I’m more serious. But I hate to see the sheeple get shorn! Especially the young ones, who don’t know when politicians are lying to them. (Answer: When their lips move!)

  2. g william says:

    Actually I find your opinions “charming”! I actually read your ramblings (as if I had that much free time in my mad days) just to see how far your tongue is planted in your cheek. Keep it up young fella’

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