RANT: Ties suck; coin flips are insult to the effort put out

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The draw to decide which two squads join Siena and Mount St. Mary’s in the MAAC Tournament will be held on Sunday morning. Whichever team is drawn will not be in the field, while the other two will be seeded third and fourth depending on the result of their regular season meeting.

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I dislike ties. Not so much. At least a tie is honest.

I really dislike random ways ties are broken.

Those are disrespectful to the effort put out getting to the tie.

On the game show, CATCH21 there are no ties; a player who freezes on a number (i.e., the player got their score first) “owns” that value space.

That seems “fair”.

For an athletic team to work their butt off and have it decided by a coin flip or other random event seems disrespectful to me.

They could have started with the coin flip and forgot about the work. Makes as much sense.

ARGH! No coin flips; use the CATCH21 rule. No ties; no coin flips.

Hear that baseball: No extra innings. Hear that pro basketball: no OTs that end with the curfew. (Have to make sure the “athletes” can get to the disco!). College bball exempted; they play till they drop.) Hear that pro football: No coin flip that decides every thing for the most part. BUT especially — hear that ncaa football: Your tie break is boring and insane — the coin flip there is de facto the game for the most part.

REMEMBER: “There are NO ties in Catch 21!” http://tv.gsn.com/shows/catch21/

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