GOVERNACIDE: The “War on (some) Drugs” kills people

Help End the Mexican Civil War

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How do you weaken the drug traffickers? You take away their obscene black-market profits.

Al Capone and the mafia got rich running alcohol during Prohibition. When Prohibition ended the violence ended too. Jim Beam distributors don’t do drive-by shootings on outlets that sell Jack Daniels. And neither Jim Beam nor Jack Daniels are killing politicians, policemen, journalists, and private citizens.

Black-market drug profits fund criminal enterprises that threaten your safety, not only at home and in Mexico, but around the world. Taliban warlords in Afghanistan and Pakistan fund much of their operations through the illicit drug trade.

The solution to the coming spillover of the Mexican Drug War is simple: Stop doing the same failed thing over and over again. Do something different. End drug prohibition in the United States, and thereby defuse the Mexican Civil War and defund the terrorists in Afghanistan.

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Please bring peace to both Mexico and the United States by ending the War on Drugs.

We, as a nation, didn’t learn from (alcohol) Prohibition. Let’s get smart now.

Repeal the federal “war on drug” statutes. (Advise President Obama to pardon ALL non-violent drug offenders.)

Call the big Drug Companies and the big Retailers and the big Drug Vendors up to Capitol Hill and tell them they are now responsible to keep drugs out of the hands of children. And you don’t want to see ads on TV! (You can threaten to make a law; that’ll scare the you know what out of them.)

Let’s try freedom. And, bankrupt our enemies.

(I always was upset when children are killed by “bad drugs”. Cut with rat poison, of unknown strength, or even unidentifiable. We can avoid killing and maiming our progeny by simply recognizing human nature. We can’t control what people will put voluntarily in their own bodies.)

Repeal the Drug War laws. They’re ineffective and inefficient.

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