POLITICAL: What a novel idea: voluntary funding of services


May. 02, 2010
The audacity of deceit
I don’t think Barack Obama tells the truth.

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The freedom ideal would be no compulsory taxation, at all — let all keep their own earnings to invest in growing the economy, while what minimal government is required would be supported by voluntary user fees.

The statists will pretend to object on pragmatic grounds. Let them first answer whether or not they agree this would be the ideal. If they do, then we can try to solve the pragmatic problems. I grew up in a small town, for example, where voluntary membership fees funded the ambulance and the volunteer firemen. The ambulance and the firemen would still respond to a home that had not subscribed — but that homeowner would then receive a bill for the full cost of their services. Few waited to get a second bill before signing up as paid members.

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My gripe with gooferment is:

  • It uses force even when not needed;
  • We pay for “services” that we don’t want.
  • We pay for “services” that we don’t need.
  • We pay for “services” that we can’t afford.
  • We pay for “services” that are “over priced”.
  • We pay for “services” that are “under functional”.
  • We pay for “services” that are delayed or way overdue.

And pay, and pay, and pay, and pay.

Enuf is enuf!

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