FUN: SNL on Sarah and Hillary

SNL on Sarah and Hillary


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Sigh, they are hitting youtube with take down notices. How obtuse are these NBC execs? Don’t they see that they are going to get a backlash. Their embed code didn’t work here. Youtube’s always works.

Way to go NBC. Clueless!

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JOBSEARCH: You could be locked out; plan for it!

Shocked Lehman staff told to ‘move on’
By FT Reporters
Published: September 15 2008 21:42 | Last updated: September 15 2008 21:42

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“I’ve had people calling me from telephone boxes. In the old days you’d just pick up your Rolodex and you’d bugger off. Now everything in your life is with the company,” said a former employee.

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You gotta be kidding me. Anyone, who doesn’t prepare for the axe, can’t expect sympathy when it comes. Disaster Recovery means you should be able to operate “You, Inc.” from  wherever you are. It’s very nice that you use the boss’ computer to do all your stuff.

But what happens when you are cutoff?

When you own it, they can’t “steal” it from you. You need your own computer!

When you keep a copy of all YOUR important data in the cloud, any inet café can become your base of operations.

So what’s your plan. Do you need a hurricane like Ike, or a meltdown like Lehman, to convice you to protect yourself?

Turkeys never learn!

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PRODUCTIVITY: be better at D ‘n’ P

Five Great Ways to Achieve Happiness Through Serving Others
This guest post was written by Stephen Smith, editor and publisher at Business Development in Context.

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4. Keep your promises. You can create an atmosphere of service simply by doing the things that you say you will do. Dependability and punctuality are the hallmarks of the service-oriented individual. When people can trust you it creates happiness all around.

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Creating trust is a common failure I see in IT all the time. Just today, I was trying to explain why a team’s participation was need in a group effort. All I heard was that the subteam didn’t feel they were getting value out of the effort. No concern over the grou[‘s perception that they were “mia” and not part of the team. I’m not sure if I got thru the self-centered objection. Sigh!

I’m going to be better at D ‘n’ P.

p.s.: oops, almost said “try”!

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