POLITICAL: 2008 Boston Tea Party


The Boston Tea Party supports a constitutional amendment a) repealing section 4 of the 14th amendment; b) prohibiting future indebtedness and deficit spending on the part of the federal government; and c) repudiating all federal government debt and debt service obligations accrued prior to the ratification of said amendment.

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MONEY: billions of dollars gets piled on top of the federal debt


I’m not an economist, but…

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I just read the info on the new US mortgage bailout.

I’m bothered.

I can’t figure out how this works. I mean, I get the idea – the federal government purchases (and later attempts to sell) “hundreds of billions of dollars” of bad paper.

But, if the paper is no good, it means there’s no resale value.

So, that hundreds of billions of dollars gets piled on top of the federal debt.

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Well, I’m not an “eccky-nonny-mist” either, but … …

(1) Where does the gooferment get the authority to pick winners and losers in the marketplace?

(2) Where is the money going to come from for all this “saving”?

(3) Where is the end of the national debt raising?

(4) When did the Federal Reserve become the bankruptcy court?


Call me a “gold bug”, but I can’t afford any more of this type of “saving”. Not that they need my permission. They just do what they want.

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NEWJERSEY: Rampant and blatant pension padding and multiple pensions

>Rampant and blatant pension padding and multiple pensions

Dear Trenton Dwellers,

I can’t afford you any more. I certainly can’t afford to pay all those “pensions” you’ve been voting yourself. I’m old enough to remember the original pension debate when everyone if the state gooferment whined that the private sector got pensions and they should to. And, what a plum they got.

NOW, everyone in the private sector has a 401k.

Why not Trenton?

an over taxed voter

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