Apple Savings accounts almost reached $1 Billion in four days

Apple recently announced its new Savings Account feature , and it reached the $1 billion milestone in only four days. The company partnered with Goldman Sachs to offer a new Savings account feature only for US users with Apple Cards. According to the latest report, the American people have shown serious interest. Forbes says that the amount has reached $990 million in four days and is very close

Source: Apple Savings accounts almost reached $1 Billion in four days

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How come Apple can be a bank, but WalMart can not?


POLITICAL: Afghanistan repeats the lessons od Viet Nam

Fighting Putin for Empire
Posted on April 27, 2023
Andrew P. Napolitano

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The lesson of Afghanistan is a warning that Biden has ignored. Like Bush, he doesn’t care about spilling blood and wasting assets. He wants to build empire to get reelected. So did Bush, and his reputation is in the dustbin of history. Old Joe is aiming to join him.

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Sorry, but the Taxpayer MUST get the politicians and bureaucrats who love the welfare / warfare state under control.