Cleveland, Texas shooting: Suspect in massacre had been deported 4 times after entering US illegally, ICE source says | CNN

The man wanted by law enforcement for the killings of five Texas neighbors — including a 9-year-old boy — had entered the US illegally and been deported by immigration officials at least four times, a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement source said.
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Guess there is no jail time for the 2nd, 3rd deportation. How about the FOURTH time???!!!


ConspiracyTheories: 9/11 the new pearl harbor

9/11 the new pearl harbor

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The “official story” of BOTH Pearl Harbor and 9/11 stinks.

Listening to a recent podcast  —

Podcast Episode #139 – Dave Collum and the Night of the Long Tweets

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Cornell Professor and all around gadfly Dave Collum returns to the show for a one on one about a whole lot more than we thought we were going to talk about when it started. Riffing off theories of the Pentagon Papers and going into the weeds of tri-body collision theory and 9/11 as only two veteran chemists ever could.

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Sent me back down the “rabbit hole” of 9/11.

Most cogent of their arguments were: (1) no videos of whatever hit the Pentagon; (2) the immaculate collapse of building 7; and (3) the sheer bullshit “official story” to blame Sadam Hussain.

I don’t know why there isn’t a continued uproar about all the Conspiracy Theories that become true  — from Pearl Harbor, to JFK’s assassination, to 9/11, to the Covid “plandemic”, to the J6 “insurrection”. 

Over and over, the parasitic politicians and bureaucrats get away with murder and nothing ever happens.


It’s taken a while to watch and listen to the whole documentary but it really saddens me that we haven’t punished the traitors inside the Gooferment.