VETERANS: The KIAs, MIAs, and POWs deserve a full and complete accounting

NEVER leave a marine behind; Biden administration JUST DID, left another, Whelan, behind for WNBA player Griner in a reckless prisoner swap for Viktor Bout, like 13 killed leaving Afghanistan; the left, Biden et al. show you just how they value US military who is scum to them, a WNBA player caught with cannabis oil is worth same as the Russian ‘merchant of death’ & more than a marine
Dr. Paul Alexander

*** begin quote ***

The left hates the military, uses it for convenience and simply to enrich themselves (and btw, so do republicans). Obama did same for that puke fraud BergDOG (Bergdahl), remember him, the one he traded for serious deadly middle eastern killers. Remember the deserter who was traded for the vicious five, I remind you with their high school picture day photos below. This is the left, do not forget. Remember these 5 innocent friendly neighborhood homies, flying kites and building sandcastles sending you butterfly kisses. They were not building bombs and not trying to kill as many Americans (and us) as they could. Obama thought they were priests, innocent priests. He equated one deserter who placed soldiers ta risk searching for his deserter arse to these five. Do you? Do you think the Bout-Griner trade was fair or equal or even should have happened? I say no, never and certainly if not inclusive of Whelan and maybe 10 others

*** end quote ***

“Never leave a man behind.” Is a MYTH.

The USA Gooferment has left men and women behind whenever it was “necessary”.  WWII thru Afghanistan have copious examples.  Vietnam is still a festering sore thanks to John McCain covering up his prison record. 

I discourage anyone from enlisting because you can’t trust the US Gooferment and the Deep State that runs it to protect our troops.

And, BTW, I don’t know who is running the Biden White House, but it sure is not Biden.   Maybe “Doctor” Jill as the present day instantiation of Elinor Roosevelt.  Maybe BHO44 via Susan Rice.  But it sure is not Demented Joe.

We have to try and pressure the politicians and bureaucrats for a better full and complete accounting of the KIAs, MIAs, and POWs. 

Sorry I have no faith in the Gooferment; perhaps an enraged “We, The Sheeple” might be able to get their attention?


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