GOVEROTRAGEOUS: “REAL ID” is joke until they use it against “We, The Sheeple”

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I got the series of threatening letters from my DMV about how I needed to renew early to get Real ID or I wouldn’t be able to fly, and that I’d need to make an appointment at the nearest office and bring a utility bill, social security card, and various other things to prove who I was.

Since I had a passport, I didn’t really need a Real ID, so I kept putting it off. And then my DL expired a few months after COVID hit. When I went online to make an appointment, it told me I could renew online instead—and the DL that arrived in the mail a week later was a Real ID one. No paperwork needed after all, which really inspires confidence in that system.

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I just shake my head.

Since I no longer need to fly, I can ignore all the nonsense.

I wish Gooferment would just go away.