IPHONE: ​Name a Legacy Contact so your “stuff” isn’t locked up forever. 


​Name a Legacy Contact so your “stuff” isn’t locked up forever.  Death certificate requred.

And, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that EVERYONE  — regardless of age  — needs a will, a durable complete function power of attorney, a medical power of attorney, as well as an advance directive.  If an attorney says one size will fit all, get another attorney.  If someone says “do it yourself online at http;//… …”, get your legal advice from someone with a valid law license in your state and who specializes in estate law.  Don’t fall for​ the 99$ advertisements either.  Doing it correctly will entail at least two visits to a lawyer and a few hundred dollars in legal fees.

P.S., the will should have “self-proving” affidavits.  If it doesn’t, find another lawyer.

P.P.S., the lawyer as part of the fee should “vault” your original will for you and just give you copies.  One of which is for your executor.

P.P.P.S., Do NOT put these papers in a safe deposit box in YOUR NAME.  It’ll be sealed on your death.  I paid for my executor to rent a save deposit box in her name and my stuff is in there.  Easy cheap work around.

Remember all the famous people who died without paperwork and left a mess to get sorted out in the courts.  Wills bring out the worst in nice people. 

Crazy Old Ferd


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