GOLD: A gold back currency

Russia Could Be Planning the Ultimate Gold Move

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Imagine the global response to the first national currency of the 21st Century backed by physical gold! At a stroke, Russia could reposition itself as a globally relevant economy, virtually guarantee international investor interest, and re-establish its currency as a store of value. And it could do all this without violating sanctions.

Consider the response from the U.S. and EU, both suffering four-decade high inflation, both crippled by debt and awash in freshly-printed currency. A new Russian gold standard would represent an economic coup over the west. All without firing a single shot.

Though the odds of such a move seem low, it looks like the kind of out-of-left-field move that Putin delights in. We’ll be paying close attention to developments in this story over the next few months.

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Hell, I’d buy me some roubles.  A gold back currency,  Where do I sign up?


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