RANT: When will Fauci, the D’s, and “Main Street Media” be called to account about Hydroxychloroquine?


Former Trump Official Slices Fauci Apart Over Hydroxychloroquine Fiasco
Matt Vespa | @mvespa1 | Posted: Jun 19, 2021 6:00 AM

*** begin quote ***

Navarro goes on to accuse Fauci and the liberal media of being complicit in tens of thousands of negligent homicides as this treatment has been confirmed to be effective. It’s another reason to hate Fauci. It’s another example showing how bad he is at his job. The man was wrong about testing, the vaccine (he thought we didn’t need one), and masks. He admits in emails that the masks we all wore for a year did nothing to curb the spread. Only Fauci can explain why he did what he did on COVID. He lied. He was biased. He is the poster child for the death of medical expertise. They got political. They wanted Trump gone, but now the population, except for woke liberals, have rightfully turned their backs on these political clowns. They’re not doctors. They’re DNC operatives. With COVID over, you can mute Fauci on your televisions. 

*** end quote ***

My guess is NEVER!

Doesn’t make it right but it was all about raiding the Taxpayers’ pocketbook!



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