RANT: What happened to “fair use”?


How ‘insane’ decision ruined Novak Djokovic’s viral French Open moment
By James Mathey, News.com.au

  • Angry tennis fans have accused the sport of shooting itself in the foot by taking unnecessary action over one of the best moments from Sunday’s French Open men’s final.

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Following his French Open win, Novak Djokovic gave a young boy his racket. Getty Images

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Novak Djokovic took another step towards cementing his GOAT status with an incredible five-set win over Stefanos Tsitsipas to claim Grand Slam title No. 19. But the real highlight was a young fan’s reaction when the Serb gave him his racket after the match.

The boy was overwhelmed with emotion, absolutely losing it as the cameras zoomed in.

“He was in my ear the entire match, basically, especially when I was two sets to love down,” Djokovic said at his post-match press conference. “He was encouraging me, he was actually giving me tactics as well.

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Footage of the exchange quickly went viral, receiving millions of views on social media. However, the French Tennis Federation later pulled down the video from accounts that had shared it, citing a copyright infringement.

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I guess “We, The Sheeple” need to let the advertisers know what was does that they paid the bill for.  I bet good boycott threat might lead to a sudden reversal.

Nice to see a champion athlete not acting like an ass!