HEALTH: Make every day a “broccoli” day without “proof”

The Food That Can Downregulate a Metastatic Cancer Gene
Michael Greger M.D. FACLM June 14th, 2021 Volume 54 

  • Women with breast cancer should include the “liberal culinary use of cruciferous vegetables.”

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Ovarian cancer. “Cruciferous vegetable…[intake] significantly favor[ed] survival”, whereas “a survival disadvantage was shown for meats.” Milk also appeared to double the risk of dying. Here are the survival graphs. Eight years out, for example, about 40 percent of ovarian cancer patients who averaged meat or milk every day were dead, compared to only about 20 percent who just had meat or milk a few times a week at most.

Now, it could just be that the fat and cholesterol in the meat increased circulating estrogen levels, or because of meat’s growth hormones, or all the carcinogens. And galactose, the sugar naturally found in milk, may also be directly toxic to the ovary, and dairy has got all the hormones too. However, the lowering of risk with broccoli and the increasing of risk with meat and dairy are also consistent with the CD36 mechanism of cancer spread we’ve been talking about.

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Hmmm, docs can NOT “prove” that broccoli is a miracle anti-cancer “drug”.

But, low cost side effect free “treatment”?  How much proof does one need?

Even if they’re wrong and they can’t say why there’s a broccoli effect, why not just jump ahead of the “proof” in case they are wright?

Doesn’t seem much downside!