VOCABULARY: Dismisinfoganda


SATURDAY, MAY 29, 2021 – 01:40 PM

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Misinformation, i.e., wrong claims innocently made

disinformation, i.e., wrong claims willfully made

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dismisinfoganda is the politicized spreading or squelching of claims without, or counter to, adequate empirical evidence. 

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Therein lies the true cost of runaway dismisinfoganda. Many Americans once believed government officials unless/until they had good reason to doubt them but increasingly they disbelieve officials unless/until they have reason to believe them. Maybe that is a good thing as it will eventually induce Americans to ask why they continue to pay the salaries of people they cannot implicitly trust to do their respective jobs. 

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Remember EPA Christie Whitman: “Ground Zero Air Is Safe”?


NOTHING any politician and | or bureaucrat says can be taken for fact at face value.  Ditto for “news media” or “celebrities”!



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