GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Disney gets a “get out of jail free” card again

Disney Got Itself A ‘If You Own A Themepark…’ Carveout From Florida’s Blatantly Unconstitutional Social Media Moderation Bill
Content Moderation
from the welcome-to-GoogleLand-and-FacebookWorld dept
Fri, Apr 30th 2021 10:45am — Mike Masnick

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Earlier this year, we noted that a wide variety of states (mostly those controlled by angry, ignorant Republicans) were looking to pass blatantly unconstitutional bills that sought to force social media companies to host all speech and not moderate. As we noted in that article, Florida seemed to be leading the way, and now both houses of the Florida legislature have passed the bill that is blatantly unconstitutional, and will only serve to waste a large amount of taxpayer dollars to have this law thrown out in court.

The bill, like so many other such state bills, would violate the 1st Amendment by compelling websites to host speech they have no desire to host. It’s not even worth going through the bill bit by bit to explain its many different unconstitutional parts, but like so many of these bills, it tries to say that social media websites (of a certain size) will be greatly restricted in any effort to moderate their website to make it safer. There is no way this is even remotely constitutional.

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How can this type of payola be legal.


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