TECHNOLOGY: When does Facebook lose it’s immunity?

USA Today & Facebook Use Slanderous “Fact Check” to Suppress Facts About Illegal Voting By Non-Citizens
By James D. Agresti
November 24, 2020

*** begin quote ***

A “fact check” by USA Today is defaming a Ph.D.-vetted study by Just Facts that found non-citizens may have cast enough illegal votes for Joe Biden to overturn the lawful election results in some key battleground states. The article, written by USA Today’s Chelsey Cox, contains 10 misrepresentations, unsupported claims, half-truths, and outright falsehoods.

Furthermore, Facebook is using this misinformation to suppress the genuine facts of this issue instead of honoring its policy to “Stop Misinformation and False News.” Compounding this malfeasance, a note at the bottom of Cox’s article states that USA Today’s “fact check work is supported in part by a grant from Facebook.” 

*** end quote ***

Back in the old BBS’ days, websites were immune to suits as long as they didn’t exercise “editorial control” over the content. 

Like the phone companies weren’t responsible for the conversations they carried, so to Facebook SHOULD be held accountable BECAUSE they are exercising “editorial control’1

When will they be held accountable for their biased “fact checking”, deplatforming, and selective advertising?


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