GOVEROTRAGEOUS: EVERY overpriced, monopolistic government “service” can be … …

Voting is Immoral
by stormy MON
Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

*** begin quote ***

EVERY overpriced, monopolistic government “service” can be competitively privatized. Education, social services, arbitration and space travel, for example. BLM grazing lands should be sold to pay government debt. We’ve had free market health care for hundreds of years… for livestock and pets. Video streaming and Kindle are private libraries. Railroads are private roads, cars electronically billed.

Governments don’t collect taxes to provide services, they attempt “services” to gouge taxes: a protection racket. Instead, YOU can decide how to allocate your resources = consumer financial voting. In a democracy, if 51% want vanilla, all get vanilla. With freedom, you can have chocolate, strawberry or dozens of choices.

*** end quote ***

I certainly would like to start paring Gooferment at all levels down.

Not that that will happen until the Gooferment go broke!


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