INNOVATION: The USA “education” needs a business process revolution

US colleges are getting outsmarted by a whole new method of teaching
By Paulina Karpis
September 19, 2020 

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Here’s how it might work: Take the best classes from the best professors, record them, and compile them into a central digital library. Rather than completing structured programs, students could access the content they’re seeking at any time, in any order.

These vast libraries of “massive open online courses” (MOOCs) — run by companies like Coursera and edX — already feature content from Harvard, MIT, you name it. But they’re nowhere near as effective as they could be — drop-off rates reach 95 percent — because they’re passive.

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In a world where employers like Google and Apple are dropping degree requirements, and only 11 percent of business leaders believe that college graduates have the skills they need to succeed, alternative education makes sense.

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Almost makes me want to “unretire” and coach college student like a “SoulCycle instructors, not only because they’re edutainers with can-do attitudes”.

Hmmm, now I need a good domain name. Maybe “” or “mentor.u”?