GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Bar loses liquor “license” for suing the politicians and bureaucrats

Beloved Staten Island tavern loses liquor license days after suing over restaurant ban
By Dean Balsamini
September 19, 2020 

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The borough’s beloved Joyce’s Tavern — which has a heavy FDNY constituency — lost its liquor license following a “surprise, random” visit during a 9/11 fundraiser on Sept. 11 by State Liquor Authority (SLA) inspectors.

The Irish pub’s supporters say the raid was a political hit job, and that a new videotape will soon prove the bar and grill did nothing wrong — and could exonerate it as soon as this coming week.

Tavern backers believe the ill-timed raid was retaliation by Gov. Cuomo for a lawsuit filed just days earlier against him, as well as the city and Mayor de Blasio, by Joyce’s and other crippled Island restaurants demanding they be allowed to reopen.

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All too often, the politicians and bureaucrats use “their power” to satisfy a grudge!