TECHNOLOGY: Battle Royale — Epic vs Apple / Google

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Fortnite/Epic Games versus app store taxes

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Epic Games kicked off a brief, enthralling campaign against Apple and Google yesterday. First, it emerged that it had found a way to offer discounted in-app purchases in Fortnite, the lifeblood of the game. All without Apple or Google taking a cut, the lifeblood of those app stores.

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Epic filed legal action against both companies. One interesting wrinkle in the lawsuit against Google is a new claim by Epic that accuses Google of crushing Fortnite deals with OnePlus, LG (Android Authority).
Spotify chimed in to support Epic, too (MacRumors).

So, it’s a Battle Royale.

Choosing sides:

We’re well into the era of companies having committed enough fans to entice them to fight against fans of other companies.

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Hope they “kill” each other for the benefit of lower costs to consumers. Just light an old “free capitalistic marketplace” should operate.


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