NEWJERSEY: Gooferment “regulated” industries suck!

*** begin quote ***

Public Information Officer Laura Connolly, New Jersey Office of Emergency Management AGENCY

Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) continues to restore service to customers who lost power and has activated our retail water and ice program. For those customers remaining without power for 24 hours or more, JCP&L is offering free water and ice at the following locations beginning 8/5/20 at … …

*** end quote ***

Anyone else see a problem with Gooferment “regulated” industries?

If we have competing power companies, I would imagine that (1) “outages” would be few and far between; and (2) if we were dissatisfied, we could switch.  That’s why McD’s and BK strive for consistency nation-wide.

Here is 08751 we have the worst of all worlds.  The Gooferment’s “electric utility” contracts with JCPL for service. 

During this storm, 22 townships were without power, but we couldn’t complain to JCP&L or the NJ “state Gooferment” BPU.

And, all the people could do was wait for restoration from “someone” “somewhere” “sometime”. Argh!

And “We, The Sheeple” just take it.  (As a G rated blog, I’ll leave it at that!)


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