GOVEROTRAGEOUS: 235 MPG diesel didn’t fit the “green” electric car narrative, so it was killed!


The Car That Almost Was
By eric – July 24, 20194345

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In the department of What Might Have Been, we find a car almost no one who isn’t a car industry insider has ever heard of – but which very nearly was.

You haven’t heard of it for good reason.

Well, good reason . . . from the point of view of other insiders. The ones inside the government.

It is a car VW briefly brought out to show what could be done – and just as quickly withdrew. Probably because it showed what could be done.

This car was powered by a 1 liter diesel engine and achieved a verified 170 miles-per-gallon. With its hybrid drive engaged, the mileage rose to an incredible 235 MPG. Put another way, on about two gallons of diesel, this VW could go almost 500 miles before it needed more diesel. And it would only need two more gallons to travel another almost 500 miles.

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Eric Peters goes into detail about the 22k$ “commuter car” and how it would have disrupted the “then-nascent electrification putsch”!

Clearly, anyone, of any age, remembers that Detroit, aka Big Three Auto, back in the 50’s and 60’s was accused of buying up inventions that would make higher mileage engines. That might have been an “urban legend” or a “Conspiracy Theory”, but it is another WMHB (“What Might Have Been”).  I know my long passed uncles believed it.  

And, I guess the automakers have found a cheaper way to eliminate competition, like good Crony Capitalists, they encourage more Gooferment regulation! Argh!

Now Nissan has allegedly gone broke on building “electric cars” and I see more “electric pumping stations” being built.  I wonder who is subsidizing them with tax dollars.

Last time, I looked at buying a electric car, the price was joke — even with the Gooferment subsidy —  and the range and recharge time was even more laughable.

I’ve also read that the calculation of total emissions around an electric car completely ignores the solution from mining and building one.  And, that it barely beats current gas engine cars.  That’s why the Gooferment want to consider CO2 as an “emission”.

Bottom line: Once again, “We, The Sheeple” are being screwed again by, those people Tom Woods sarcastically calla “Our Wise Overlords”, politicians and bureaucrats!


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