Inside Sanders’ Soviet ‘honeymoon’ – GreenwichTime

The trip garnered brief mention in the 2016 presidential campaign, but earlier this year, a video from a Vermont community television station was posted online that showed a few minutes of Sanders’ unlikely celebration with the Soviets. Right-leaning websites suggested Sanders was cozying up to communists, underscoring how the trip might be used against the senator if he becomes the Democratic nominee.

Until now, however, relatively few details about the trip have emerged, and most accounts have relied heavily on Sanders’s recollection. An examination by The Washington Post of the trip – based on interviews with five people who accompanied Sanders, as well as audio and video of it – provides a fresh look at this formative time for Sanders, foreshadowing much of what animates his presidential bid.

Source: Inside Sanders’ Soviet ‘honeymoon’ – GreenwichTime

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Interesting that they called Trump a “manchurian candidate” for “Russian collusion”.

Here’s a “manchurian candidate” running in plain sight.

I don’t understand?

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