Poker pro Rich Alati locked in dark bathroom on $100,000 bet

Yet that is the case for a prop bet currently underway between American poker pro Rich Alati and his friend, Australian pro Rory Young. The bet the pair have goes like this: if Alati can stay in a pitch-black Las Vegas bathroom, alone, for 30 days straight he’ll get $100,000 from Young.

Source: Poker pro Rich Alati locked in dark bathroom on $100,000 bet

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I think they both should see a shrink.  In the daylight.

No victim; no crime.

But maybe children can learn something from this … … “if all your friends jump off a roof … … ”


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Do you have a right to be free of searches without a warrant?

Levi Pulkkinen   — Oct 17, 2018

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If his conviction stands, it could criminalize people who refuse to do things like unlock their phones or garages at police request.

Shouting voices coming from an apartment building broke the suburban quiet in the early hours of March 1, 2016.

A man walking past called officers to the Seattle-area apartment, reporting a loud argument. The yelling had stopped when police arrived outside Solomon McLemore’s Shoreline home, but was replaced by amplified demands from police that McLemore come out or let them in. As the incident stretched on, frustrations grew.

“Open the fucking door,” one officer demanded during the 15-minute exchange.

McLemore declined and stood by as police, having heard glass shatter inside the home, broke down the door. No one inside was hurt. But McLemore was arrested on suspicion of obstruction of a law enforcement officer for failing to open his home to police. He was convicted as charged on Sept. 29, 2016, following a three-day jury trial. Sentenced to 20 days under house arrest, McLemore began a series of appeals that landed his case in the Washington Supreme Court, which is expected to hear oral arguments Thursday.

If McLemore’s conviction stands, Washington would most likely be the only state to criminalize the refusal to assist police in a warrantless search.

*** and ***

Iannotti and the ACLU contend the framework put forward by prosecutors could lay the groundwork for obstruction charges against people who refuse to do things like unlock their phones or garages at police request. It makes it dangerous for residents to stand up for their rights.

“You have a right to be free of searches without a warrant,” Iannotti said. “A person shouldn’t be penalized for exercising that right.”

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I wonder how this went.  If badly, I hope it gets appealed to the Supremes.

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MACOSX: An upgrade to Mojave 10.14 … …

2018-Nov-29 2254

An upgrade to Mojave 10.14 … …

… … broke my Text Expander forcing an upgrade, BUT … …

… … Suddenly makes my “Time Machine” work?

I wonder why? 

Not that I am complaining, but I hate when “magic” happens.


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SECURITY: A spammer thinks he can spook me into paying?


Received two spam emails below.  Guess this is “Nigerian Prince  —  version 2.0”.

Because of my security processes, I KNOW that “qdw75zqc8y” has NEVER been one of my passwords.



I’m sharing this so that you won’t get burned!

*** begin quote ***

I greet you!

I have bad news for you.
06/28/2018 – on this day I hacked your operating system and got full access to your account
On that day your account ( password was: qdw75zqc8y

It is useless to change the password, my malware intercepts it every time.

How it was:
In the software of the router to which you were connected that day, there was a vulnerability.
I first hacked this router and placed my malicious code on it.
When you entered in the Internet, my trojan was installed on the operating system of your device.

After that, I made a full dump of your disk (I have all your address book, history of viewing sites, all files, phone numbers and addresses of all your contacts).

A month ago, I wanted to lock your device and ask for a small amount of money to unlock.
But I looked at the sites that you regularly visit, and came to the big delight of your favorite resources.
I’m talking about sites for adults.

I want to say – you are a big pervert. You have unbridled fantasy!

After that, an idea came to my mind.
I made a screenshot of the intimate website where you have fun (you know what it is about, right?).
After that, I took off your joys (using the camera of your device). It turned out beautifully, do not hesitate.

I am strongly belive that you would not like to show these pictures to your relatives, friends or colleagues.
I think $925 is a very small amount for my silence.
Besides, I spent a lot of time on you!

I accept money only in Bitcoins.
My BTC wallet: 15ZHnf1MPn6ybb8yUeAoCQ1AJtiKhg 3NrP

You do not know how to replenish a Bitcoin wallet?
In any search engine write “how to send money to btc wallet”.
It’s easier than send money to a credit card!

For payment you have a little more than two days (exactly 50 hours).
Do not worry, the timer will start at the moment when you open this letter. Yes, yes .. it has already started!

After payment, my virus and dirty photos with you self-destruct automatically.
Narrative, if I do not receive the specified amount from you, then your device will be blocked, and all your contacts will receive a photos with your “joys”.

I want you to be prudent.

From now on, I advise you to use good antiviruses and update them regularly (several times a day)!

Don’t be mad at me, everyone has their own work.

*** end quote ***

*** and ***

*** begin quote ***

He‌llo‌, I kno‌w the‌ fi‌lthy se‌cre‌ts o‌f yo‌u‌r li‌fe‌. I wo‌n’t te‌ll yo‌u‌ wha‌t e‌xa‌ctly I kno‌w, I’ve‌ go‌t e‌ve‌rythi‌ng a‌lo‌ng wi‌th me‌. To‌ de‌mo‌nstra‌te‌ my po‌i‌nt, si‌mply le‌t myse‌lf te‌ll yo‌u‌ tha‌t o‌ne‌ o‌f yo‌u‌r se‌cu‌ri‌ty pa‌sswo‌rds i‌s a‌ctu‌a‌lly Qdw75zQc8Y. Se‌nd me‌ $4000 vi‌a‌ Bi‌tco‌i‌n to‌ the‌ a‌ddre‌ss 162F3SfYCXos9N7gzxucYydYoJmNw3D2aZ wi‌thi‌n the‌ ne‌xt 44 ho‌u‌rs. I wo‌u‌ld li‌ke‌ to‌ ma‌ke‌ o‌ne‌ thi‌ng crysta‌l cle‌a‌r, tha‌t I wi‌ll de‌stro‌y yo‌u‌r li‌fe‌ fu‌lly i‌f I do‌ no‌t ge‌t the‌ pa‌yme‌nt. In ca‌se‌ I do‌ ge‌t the‌ pa‌yme‌nt, I’m go‌i‌ng to‌ re‌mo‌ve‌ e‌ve‌ry de‌ta‌i‌ls I ha‌ve‌ wi‌th me‌, a‌nd I wi‌ll di‌sa‌ppe‌a‌r fo‌r go‌o‌d a‌nd yo‌u‌’ll u‌nde‌r no‌ ci‌rcu‌msta‌nce‌s he‌a‌r a‌nythi‌ng fro‌m me‌. Thi‌s i‌s a‌ctu‌a‌lly the‌ fi‌rst a‌nd a‌lso‌ la‌st ma‌i‌l fro‌m me‌ a‌nd a‌lso‌ the‌ o‌ffe‌r i‌s no‌n ne‌go‌ti‌a‌ble‌s, a‌nd so‌ do‌ no‌t a‌nswe‌r to‌ thi‌s e‌ ma‌i‌l.

*** end quote ***

What “joke”!  Wonder if anyone falls for it?

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Tennessee news anchor sues over age, gender discrimination | Daily Mail Online

According to the suit, in the two-and-a-half years before Kalodimos was fired, seven other employees over 40 years old were replaced with younger employees. In that period, Kalodimos wrote two letters to management detailing what she considered to be discrimination at the station, but it took no action, the lawsuit said.The conflict came to a head in November 2017 when former co-workers named Kalodimos as a witness in their own age-discrimination lawsuit. Much of the publicity surrounding that suit focused on Kalodimos, who was still an anchor.A week later, Kalodimos was fired. She was 58 at the time.

Source: Tennessee news anchor sues over age, gender discrimination | Daily Mail Online

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Age discrimination alive and well in the “liberal” media!

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GOVERNACIDE: California’s Forest Fire Tragedy | Hoover Institution

Every bit as important is the major change in the philosophy of land use management. Much of the forest land in California is now owned by the state and federal government.  These lands have proved far more vulnerable to forest fires than properties owned by private groups.  Private lands are managed with the goals of conservation and production.  The management of public lands has been buffeted by legislative schemes driven by strong ideological commitments. Writing last year, Republican Congressman Tom McClintock noted that his air inspections revealed a distressing pattern: “The [privately] managed forests are green, healthy and thriving. The neglected federal forests are densely overcrowded and often scarred by fire because we can’t even salvage the fire-killed timber while it still has value.”

Source: California’s Forest Fire Tragedy | Hoover Institution

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Private management of forest was / is far better than “public (Gooferment) (mis)management”.


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Outgoing FL Official Brenda Snipes to Receive $130,000 in Pensions

Outgoing Broward County elections official Brenda Snipes will be cashing in on $130,000 in pensions after she leaves her position in January.

Source: Outgoing FL Official Brenda Snipes to Receive $130,000 in Pensions

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Doesn’t anyone else think that this pension is excessive?

Wonder how many taxpayers who will pay for this “pension” have a pension at all?

This is part of the problem —  current 18T+ national debt and the guesstimated 200T+ in unfunded liabilities that our posterity will have to deal with.

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RANT: Are the Saudi Princes True Friends? – Original

Trump is unabashedly putting U.S. economic and strategic interests first. He is not going to damage our relationship with Riyadh and its royal family, even if the future king ordered a cold-blooded killing of a U.S.-based Saudi journalist he regarded as an enemy.

Source: Are the Saudi Princes True Friends? – Original

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Well, I am not a “DJT fan boy”, but I think it’s not the job of the American President to be the world’s policeman.

I’m sure that there are many more terrible things to discover out there.

I’d like the USA to adopt Switzerland’s foreign policy and just MYOB!

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GOVERNACIDE: Private Firefighters Prove That The Government Cannot Protect You

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Private firefighters provided by American International Group (AIG) safeguard the mansions of 42% of Forbes’ list of the 400 richest Americans. Average Americans ended up burning to death in the California wildfires while private firefighters protected the empty mansions of the rich.

*** and ***

The existence of private firefighters proves that most Americans cannot rely on the government in disasters.

Rich people and insurance companies hire private firefighters because they know the government will not protect their property and lives. In addition, the government is probably not even competent enough to do so. The majority of Americans need to learn the same lesson if they want to survive.

*** end quote ***

Source: Americans Burned To Death While Private Firefighters Protected Mansions

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Any questions?


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ECONOMICS: Will China Adopt a Gold Standard to Boost Its Economy?

Ultimately, a return to sound money is a solution that will do less damage than fiat currencies losing their purchasing power at an accelerating pace. Think Venezuela, and how sound money would solve her problems. But that path is blocked by a sink-hole that threatens to swallow up whole governments. Trying to buy time by throwing yet more money at an economy suffering a credit crisis will only destroy the currency. The tactic worked during the Lehman crisis, but it was a close-run thing. It is unlikely to work again.

Source: Will China Adopt a Gold Standard to Boost Its Economy?

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The USA, and all the Western Gooferments, are screwed.

Their inability to “discipline” the “wants” from the real “needs” will be their downfall.

The USA’s current 18.8T$+ national debt (as of 2015) and the guesstimated 200T+ in unfunded liabilities that our posterity will have to deal with just tells you the WHOLE story.

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US military Pearl Harbor survivor dies at age 106

LOS ANGELES — Ray Chavez, the oldest U.S. military survivor of the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor that plunged the United States into World War II, died Wednesday. He was 106.

Source: US military Pearl Harbor survivor dies at age 106

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God Bless you sailor.  And all my fellow vets.


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Is Cheese Really Bad for You? |

It’s like when our tax dollars are used to buy up surplus cheese. Paul Shapiro wrote a great editorial. Imagine the headline “Government Buys $20 Million in Surplus Pepsi,” our hard-earned tax dollars “buying millions of unwanted cola cans, all as a favor to the flailing soda industry, which just kept producing drinks no one wanted. As outrageous as such a government handout to the soda industry would be, that’s exactly what the [USDA] is doing for the…dairy industry.”

Source: Is Cheese Really Bad for You? |

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The Shocking Lack of Evidence

As it presently stands, it is not sound medical science, but primarily economic and political motivations which generate the immense pressure behind mass participation in the annual ritual of flu vaccination. It is a heavily guarded secret within the medical establishment (especially within the corridors of the CDC) that the Cochrane Database Review (CDR), considered by many within the evidence-based medical model to be the gold standard for assessing the therapeutic value of common medical interventions, does not lend unequivocal scientific support to the belief and/or outright propaganda that flu vaccines are ‘safe and effective.’ao-opts a natural process, generating a broad range of adverse unintended consequences, many of which have been documented here .

Source: The Shocking Lack of Evidence

# – # – # – # – #ge

Just when I get to thinking maybe I SHOULD get a flu shot, I read something like this. Perhaps it’s all political and Crony Capitalism propaganda.

So sad that the Gooferment can’t be trusted at all about anything.

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PEACE: Why Washington Blows Up Over A European Army

Via The Strategic Culture Foundation, “Insulting” – that’s how US President Donald Trump sharply reacted to the idea of a “real European army” proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron. And it was how Macron rationalized the need for an independent military force for Europe that perhaps most irked the American leader.

Source: Why Washington Blows Up Over A European Army

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Perhaps, this “european army” might be the key to winding down the overstretching of the USA’s military and finances?

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 LIBERTARIAN:[David E. Bernstein] American Civil Liberties Union, RIP

The ACLU no longer even pretends to believe in civil liberties. In the late 1960s, the ACLU was a small but powerful liberal organization devoted to a civil libertarian agenda composed primarily of devotion to freedom of speech, free exercise of religion, and the rights of accused criminals.

Source: [David E. Bernstein] American Civil Liberties Union, RIP

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It’s been going hard “left” for a long time.  So sad, it’s a great loss to our “civil society”.

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MONEY: Ocasio-Cortez’s rise reveals rampant economic illiteracy in US

Every educated person should understand basic supply and demand. If someone is in the business of laking laws that the rest of us must adhere to, they should ABSOLUTELY have a basic understanding of supply and demand. Sadly, economic ignorance is widespread among both the public and lawmakers.

Source: Ocasio-Cortez’s rise reveals rampant economic illiteracy in US

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It’s sad that some one so “uneducated” could be elected.

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GUNS: The failure of gun control


In California, gun control fails once again
Erich Pratt, Opinion contributor
Published 5:37 p.m. ET Nov. 8, 2018 | Updated 9:38 p.m. ET Nov. 8, 2018

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Wednesday’s California bar shooting was in a gun-free zone, where good guys cannot legally carry firearms: Opposing view

Once again, we see the failure of gun control in preventing a horrible tragedy.

Wednesday’s California bar shooting was in a gun-free zone, where good guys cannot legally carry firearms.

Gun-free zones are magnets for killers. Consider that almost 98 percent of public mass shootings in this country occur in these mandatory victim zones.

But where citizens can protect themselves, the situation is much different. Within the past month, two potential mass shootings were averted by law-abiding citizens who used their concealed firearms.

But the anti-gun left fails to mention how these two citizens saved lives in those incidents. Why is that?

We will never rid ourselves of one basic problem: Bad guys with evil intent will always acquire some kind of “weapon” to commit violence.

*** end quote ***

Sadly, once again, the Gooferment thinks it can defy “natural law”.  Criminals don’t obey laws and “gun restriction laws” are no different.  

“Victim disarmament is the view that it is somehow better to see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose, than see her with a gun in her hand.” — T.D. Melrose

Stop the insanity!

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: An interesting example of free market drugs


Recently my fiancée went on a trip overseas for a week.  She realized that she was running low on her pain med for her amputation’s pain, so she went into town for a refill.  Walks into a pharmacy, tells them what she needs, and gets it no prescription, doctor involved, and no Gooferment forms. 


The next day, she decides to get some more.  Same foreign country; different town.  Goes into a different pharmacy, but they don’t have her “brand”.  But the helpful man says that he has Lyrica.  (Back in the good old USA, she could not get Lyrica be cause it wasn’t “covered” and cost $800 for 30 day supply.)  So she buys 10 pills for $22.  Never having taken in before, she waited to try it until she returned home.  Sure enough, it’s perfect for her pain. 

Now she’s on a mission.  It takes a week to get the doctor to transmit a prescription to the pharmacy.  By the time, the pharmacy is closed.  (She’s in pain and she knows she needs the Lyrica.)  Calls the 24/7 pharmacy of the same company and begs.  Can’t transfer it because “it’s a controlled deadly drug”.  Really!  (They had  “transferred” her old other “controlled deadly drug” when we were in Seaside Heights and she ran out.)  She’s not taking than answer and after 30 minutes on the phone (most of which was on hold), they relent.

I drive down and get it.  $325 for 30 day supply.  Insurance deductible. 


Anyone wonder why I think the free market is a better answer to our needs.

Time to deregulate medical care?  I think so. Just make the FDA an advisory opinion. Stop the professional “license” game.


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Maryland Shooting Illustrates What Will Happen If Guns Are Confiscated

There are people out there who we describe as anti-gun who may not want to take away your guns. They might want to make it virtually impossible for you to buy any more, sell yours, or leave them to your kids, but they don’t actually want to take them away from you.

Source: Maryland Shooting Illustrates What Will Happen If Guns Are Confiscated

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Interesting that NO ONE knew who sought the protective order.

I predict that police, or others, who seek to enforce such orders will come out on the losing end.

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? . . .” — Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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Project Veritas uncovers staffers for Beto O’Rourke appearing to illegally spend campaign funds on caravan aliens

You have to hand it to James O’Keefe and his group of undercover journalists: Time and again they have caught Left-wing Democrats red-handed doing immoral, improper, and often illegal things. And now it’s Robert “Beto” O’Rourke ’s turn or, at least, some of his campaign staffers .

Source: Project Veritas uncovers staffers for Beto O’Rourke appearing to illegally spend campaign funds on caravan aliens

*** begin quote ***

The pair appears to be using “pre-paid credit cards” and therefore it would, according to an attorney with Project Veritas who viewed the footage, be likely the pair violated Federal Election Commission rules.

*** end quote ***

Anyone surprised?

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ADMINISTRIVIA: Mom of Sweeney, Peter K. (MC1964) passes



PRAYERSREQUESTED: Mom of Sweeney, Peter K. (MC1964) passes

Jaspers Jotting will be very “thin” this week.

Dorothy Sweeney, Mother of Peter K. (MC1964), and my beloved Aunt, passed away this week.

She was my “Momma Diddy” who took care of me while my single Mom went to work after my Father abandoned her. 

Recently, my fiancée has had full custody of her grandson since his release from the hospital in June 2017 after being weaned off narcotics at birth.

This little boy, Daniel, has taught me what it means to care for a baby. And especially someone else’s baby.  

Her passing drove home what Momma Diddy, and my other maiden Aunt Patty, did for me and my Mom.  

It’s another death in my life that makes me sad from All Souls Day to Saint Patrick’s Day, during which it seems all the significant people in my life passed on. 

Makes me root for March 17th to come quickly.

The only bright light was that I met my Classmate Deacon Keith Casey (MC1968) who led the prayers at the wake and assisted at the Funeral Mass.

So with my apologies, because of this, my ongoing chores with Baby Daniel, and my new responsibilities as “bar manager” at American Legion Post #401 148 Major Road Monmouth Junction NJ 08810, I haven’t had time to “do” Jasper Jottings correctly.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Conservatives want to bypass usual way to amend Constitution

In the 1890s, when the Senate refused to take up the issue of direct election of senators, states pursued a convention, falling just short. Eventually, the 17th Amendment passed in the usual way, fulfilling that aim. In the 1960s, states sought a convention over a Supreme Court decision dictating how legislative districts were apportioned.

Source: Conservatives want to bypass usual way to amend Constitution

# – # – # – # – #

Seems like most Amendments are mistakes.  And the Gooferment takes power without amending the Constitution (i.e., Drug Prohibition; maintain standing armies; regulating other than interstate commerce; regulating drugs; interference in the healthcare system).

Personally, I’d repeal the Seventeenth  — direct election of the senate  — and return power to the States.

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RANT: EFFector

Corporate Speech Police Are Not the Answer to Online Hate

A coalition of civil rights and public interest groups recently issued policies they believe Internet intermediaries should adopt to try to address hate online. There’s a lot to like about these proposals; indeed, they reflect some of the principles EFF and others have supported for years—notably the opportunity for users to appeal content moderation decisions, and expanded transparency from corporate platforms, and we look forward to working together to push them forward. But there’s much to worry about too.

Source: EFFector

# – # – # – # – #

Corporations are creations of the Gooferment.  Hence, shouldn’t they be held to account.

ALSO, if they are exercising “editorial control”, don’t they lose the “safe harbor” given to “network operators”?

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VOCABULARY: Don’t Be a Zebra, Be a Giraffe | Innovation Management

Zebra stands for Zero Evidence but Really Adamant.  Zebras are people who see things in black and white.  They are sure of their own opinions and they disdain information or science which undermines their beliefs.

Source: Don’t Be a Zebra, Be a Giraffe | Innovation Management

# – # – # – # – #

A great addition to my vocabulary.

— 30 —