GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Conservatives want to bypass usual way to amend Constitution

Monday, November 5, 2018

In the 1890s, when the Senate refused to take up the issue of direct election of senators, states pursued a convention, falling just short. Eventually, the 17th Amendment passed in the usual way, fulfilling that aim. In the 1960s, states sought a convention over a Supreme Court decision dictating how legislative districts were apportioned.

Source: Conservatives want to bypass usual way to amend Constitution

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Seems like most Amendments are mistakes.  And the Gooferment takes power without amending the Constitution (i.e., Drug Prohibition; maintain standing armies; regulating other than interstate commerce; regulating drugs; interference in the healthcare system).

Personally, I’d repeal the Seventeenth  — direct election of the senate  — and return power to the States.

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