GOVEROTRAGEOUS: An interesting example of free market drugs


Recently my fiancée went on a trip overseas for a week.  She realized that she was running low on her pain med for her amputation’s pain, so she went into town for a refill.  Walks into a pharmacy, tells them what she needs, and gets it no prescription, doctor involved, and no Gooferment forms. 


The next day, she decides to get some more.  Same foreign country; different town.  Goes into a different pharmacy, but they don’t have her “brand”.  But the helpful man says that he has Lyrica.  (Back in the good old USA, she could not get Lyrica be cause it wasn’t “covered” and cost $800 for 30 day supply.)  So she buys 10 pills for $22.  Never having taken in before, she waited to try it until she returned home.  Sure enough, it’s perfect for her pain. 

Now she’s on a mission.  It takes a week to get the doctor to transmit a prescription to the pharmacy.  By the time, the pharmacy is closed.  (She’s in pain and she knows she needs the Lyrica.)  Calls the 24/7 pharmacy of the same company and begs.  Can’t transfer it because “it’s a controlled deadly drug”.  Really!  (They had  “transferred” her old other “controlled deadly drug” when we were in Seaside Heights and she ran out.)  She’s not taking than answer and after 30 minutes on the phone (most of which was on hold), they relent.

I drive down and get it.  $325 for 30 day supply.  Insurance deductible. 


Anyone wonder why I think the free market is a better answer to our needs.

Time to deregulate medical care?  I think so. Just make the FDA an advisory opinion. Stop the professional “license” game.


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