GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Require all FBI “interviews” to be video recorded … …

After the FBI’s Pulse Nightclub Failure, Why Should We Trust James Comey Anymore?

  • Now that Noor Salman has been acquitted of charges she played a role in the worst terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, the FBI should be embarrassed.

By James Bovard USA Today April 5, 2018

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Federal prosecutors flourished the FBI memo of Salman’s confession as the ultimate proof of her perfidy. But the memo contained false statements and contradictions which even the government could not sweep away. After the trial ended, the jury foreman (who wished to remain anonymous) notified the Orlando Sentinel: “I wish that the FBI had recorded their interviews with Ms. Salman as there were several significant inconsistencies with the written summaries of her statements.”

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Require all FBI “interviews” to be video recorded … …

… … because “we” can no longer trust them — if “we” every could.


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