Apple’s latest strategic blunder with the death of AirPort It’s a pretty standard pattern. If Apple neglects a product line for five-plus years, it’s dead, Jim . And this one, we actually already knew about in 2016 . Still, it’s shockingly dumbfounding that Apple has officially killed off the AirPort product line.

Source: ErrorPort

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Apple is a shadow of its former self in terms of innovation.  And, other than “planned obsolescence”, it’s behind in other dimensions.

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Visualizing The World’s Other ‘Aging’ Problem

While the world is becoming increasingly aware of the west’s looming (and current) demographic dystopia – solved in its globalist way via immigration and government-dependence – there is another ‘ageing’ problem that is potentially even more catastrophic…

Source: Visualizing The World’s Other ‘Aging’ Problem

“But, as Statista’s Dyfed Loesche shows in the infographic below, a lot of the currently still running reactors were connected to the grid in the 1980s, now 29 to 38 years old. “

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Think “we” could build some new ones?

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France seizes from man who’s had it since ‘94, so he sues

Enlarge (credit: Bernard Van Berg / EyeEm ) A French-born American has now sued his home country because, he claims, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has illegally seized a domain that he’s owned since 1994: . In the mid-1990s, Jean-Noël Frydman bought from and set up a website to serve as a “digital kiosk” for Francophiles and Francophones in the United States.

Source: France seizes from man who’s had it since ‘94, so he sues


Might makes right.  And, there’s little that any “little guy” can do about it.

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Olympic Medalist Files Suit Against California Over Bullet Control

California thought they were onto something. Since they can’t seem to control guns, even though they really keep trying to, they decided to control bullets instead. After all, what could go wrong with that. Well, now the state is staring down the barrel of a lawsuit.

Source: Olympic Medalist Files Suit Against California Over Bullet Control


As well they should, this is “back door” prohibition!

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