GOVEROTRAGEOUS: DJT45 should leave Syria

Trump Should Withdraw US Forces from Syria, But He Won’t
Daniel Larison Posted onApril 4, 2018

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If Trump did withdraw US forces from Syria, it would be the only good foreign policy decision he has made thus far. The US military presence is illegal. It has no authorization from Congress, no international mandate, and our forces are in the country over the explicit objections of the recognized government. The US military presence is not needed to protect US security interests, which are not threatened by the prospect that the Syrian government might reclaim control over its own territory. No vital American interests are at stake in Syria, and therefore no American lives should be put at risk there. Staying indefinitely in Syria an attempt to oppose Iranian influence in the territory of Iran’s own ally is not only a waste of time, manpower, and resources in a dubious cause, but it is also runs roughshod over international law and the Constitution.

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One can only hope for DJT45 pulls out and gives us some “peace”.

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