SURVIVAL: Everyone should have a “survival plan”; if not a pack!

Henry U.S. Survival Pack with AR-7 Takedown Rifle – Why You Need One
By Major Van Harl

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Mike and I both know that an individual needs a survival kit. You have the right to survive but you also have the obligation to survive, others may depend on you. Hollywood sadly gives you the mistaken impression that one nuke will strike your country and everyone will be vaporized, so of course no one will survive. If that is the case then why practice the Boy Scout motto to “Be Prepared”?

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Regardless of how you feel about “guns”, tin foil hat Conspiracy Theories, or dystopian novels, the recent snowstorm has illustrated just how “fragile” people are. Many folks were without power for a week. Some just lost TV and / or the internet. Now imagine if it was for an extended period of time?

Either way, if you don’t believe that a complete collapse transporting everyone back to the caveman age is possible, then dial it back to a temporary interruption and ask “how do I survive”!

Folks are ill-prepared for any disruption. And, the supplies are all “just in time”.

Better have a plan! 

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