SURVIVAL: Don’t think it could NEVER happen to you

What Civil Unrest Is Really Like: We Survived the Ferguson Riots
By Karen Morris — The Organic Prepper — March 1, 2018

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  • Don’t think it could NEVER happen to you.  
  • Being ready for the unexpected is a MUST! 
  • Learn to use social media to your advantage. 
  • Having items that you keep in your car all the time is VERY helpful in case you ever need to leave quickly. 
  • Watch for the effects that stressful situations may be having on your children. 

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“Normalcy bias” kills.

We see, that in a crisis, a large percentage of people “freeze” unable to take action.

Wonder how you develop that “bias to action” without always “running around with your hair on fire”?

Not sure how this helps but I’m going to get a go bag in my cars.

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