HEALTH: What is the impact on health of cell phones?

Do Cell Phones Lower Sperm Counts?
Michael Greger M.D. FACLM  February 28th, 2018  Volume 40

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What is the effect of cell phone radiation on sperm motility and DNA damage?

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“Are men talking their reproductive health away?” There have been “unexplained declines in semen quality reported in several countries.” Might cell phones be playing a role, as “[r]adio-frequency electromagnetic radiation from these devices could potentially affect sperm development and function.” The cell phone industry bristles at the “r-word,” radiation, preferring the more innocuous sounding “RF-EMF”s. They do have a point, though, about it being used by snake-oil hucksters of “radiation protection” gadgets. Radiation need not be atomic-bomb gamma rays, but just the warm glow of sunshine on your face; that’s radiation, too. The question is: does the specific type of radiation emitted by cell phones affect male fertility?

After the “World Health Organization…declared that cell phones [could possibly] cause brain cancer,” many folks were like, no problem, I’ll just keep it in my pants and use Bluetooth or something. Away from the brain, but “close to the gonads.” Put all the studies together, including nearly 1,500 semen samples and: “Exposure to mobile phones was associated with reduced sperm motility…and viability…,” though not necessarily sperm concentration.”

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Ignoring the “cell phone” accidents where the User falls into a fountain or walks into a pole, which are funny. And ignoring the “cell phone” fatalities from their use in cars. What are the “health implications” of using them?

Anytime I’ve seen a woman stuff her cell phone in her bra, I’ve mused about that and breast cancer. I’ve nagged my fiancé about it so much, she doesn’t do it around me.

WRT to men, is it the radiation or the heat that causes the damage? And, what if you use a lap desk — does that provide a sufficient space or barrier to EMF?

And does the wifi cause other problems (i.e., pancreatic or liver cancer)?

Questions beget more and better questions?

I no longer sleep with my cellphone anywhere near my head and it’s usually at least yard away.

In the absence of “fact”, caution is warranted?

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