RANT: Thoughts on NFL players protesting during the national anthem

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What are your thoughts on NFL players protesting during the national anthem? Send your comments, which we may edit before publication, to 10point@wsj.com

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Quite frankly, it appears childish showboating.

These are MP4B = “Millionaires Playing For Billionaires”. And, they have no connection to the people they are supposedly protesting for.

What have they done to fix the problem. They are just not that important.

The head of the Salvation Army does more every day than these prima donnas do in a lifetime fmpov. And, it’s divisive and counterproductive. For example, it distracts from the serious problems of the day  — Puerto Rico and its finances; flood relief and the long term solutions; and our economic timebombs.

BTW this criticism goes to DJT45; he should be focused on, as Ronald Reagan said, the two or three things a President can get done.

Argh! A plague on all their houses.

I feel for the Gold Star Moms, the widows and orphans, and the boys and girls in harm’s way.

Let’s bring all the girls, boys, women, and men home now! We have so many politicians and bureaucrats to send in their place if it’s really needed! 

f. j. reinke

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” —Reinhold Niebuhr

—-Ferdinand John Reinke…

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POLITICAL: Ron Paul’s simple solution to Korea


How To End the Korea Crisis

By Ron Paul

Ron Paul Institute

September 26, 2017

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Here’s how to solve the seven-decade old crisis: pull all US troops out of North Korea; end all military exercises on the North Korean border; encourage direct talks between the North and South and offer to host or observe them with an international delegation including the Russians and Chinese, which are after all Korea’s neighbors.

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Seems that a most simple strategy?

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RANT: Gooferment “welfare” trains people to “starve”

From personal experience of four people I know, I have concluded that Gooferment “welfare” is the most destructive and personality eroding program that I have ever seen. It literally gives people enough to make them “lazy” and dependent while not giving them enough to not “starve”. Here in the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee, the “standard amount” seems to be about 12k$ per year — give or take. Apartment rentals are easily that; so they are force into Section 8 or “low income” units. Quality varies all over the spectrum. Since folks are starving, they are “forced” on to “food stamps” and “food banks”.

So what if there was no Gooferment welfare, in both cases I know, the first individual’s family could take care of their relative pretty easily. In the second and third case, they could get jobs. And, in the fourth case, employment would be a challenge.

Would they all be better off? Undoubtedly, imho.

Instead, two “sponge”, the third seeks “off the books” income from the underground economy and small lottery wins, and the fourth is just a lost soul. The fourth is overwhelmed by “poverty thinking”.

It’s so sad. 

Extend that experience to the vast numbers on the public dole, and it is a “human disaster” of epic proportions.

As I have said before, “there are too many in the wagon and to few pulling the wagon”.

Sooner or later, the “makers” will convert to “takers” out of frustration with the “system”. But the “system” is great for creating voters for politicians and bureaucrats who promise and give “free” stuff.


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