RANT: Gooferment cuts! “Effective Compassion” will emerge (imho)

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John, I would like to think the world is full of caring People. However, that is not the case. I choose to believe that we live in a nation, the United States, that has the capacity to care about the needs of all citizens. The evidence is that our corporate world, through Citizens United, is able to suppress our best human instincts.

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Unfortunately, I think your paradigm or perception is wrong.

The USA is a very charitable nation. Even with the high taxation, Americans donate a lot to charity. (Not the politicians and bureaucrats, but real people.) Look at how they respond to international disasters or 911.

AND, if we stop Gooferment funding, then people will not think “oh the Gooferment is taking care of it”.  

When real people and private charities get involved, charity is more efficient and effective. Example, the Salvation Army. Or the myriad of stories about individuals stepping up. The USA has a tradition of neighbors helping neighbors.

It’s only when Gooferment takes over “the problem” does it become a “real problem”.

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Or course, I forgot to cite that “Effective Compassion” article. http://www.acton.org/public-policy/effective-compassion/seven-principles-century-ago

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One Response to RANT: Gooferment cuts! “Effective Compassion” will emerge (imho)

  1. Totally agree. It is like the difference in contributions from Conservatives and Liberals. Conservatives are way out front and people like VP Biden donate a few hundred a year or the Clinton’s, their old underwear (and take the deduction). Liberals tend to think that “they gave at the office” with their taxes. Conservatives tend to see individual people and donate accordingly. Funny, isn’t it?

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