INTERESTING: Mushrooms to bricks like the Bible’s straw into bricks

Monday, March 6, 2017

Michael Uttmark March 5, 2017

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Take a guess. What is the featured picture for this article? If you’re channeling your inner Google image recognition, you might say: “Best guess for this image: rock.” But, like Google, you’d be wrong. Instead, what you see are bricks made out of fungi obtained from tissues of mycelia.

By taking fungi obtained from tissues of mycelia and storing them in a jar filled with a growth medium (usually sawdust), MycoWorks is creating all sorts of materials with exciting properties. In just three to seven days, the fungi and sawdust mixture expands and forms into clumps of material, which are then used to create products like handbags, purses, bricks, you name it. According to co-founder Phil Ross, “production of this material is similar to making ravioli from scratch, and the final product is more resilient than concrete.”

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Wow, just look at the video, it’s extremely impressive. 

A building material that won’t break in an earthquake!

A simply stunning idea.

Like that college professor who reengineered plywood to make it “bullet proof” (actually flying debris proof; think the movie “Twister”), this could revolutionize the home / office building meme — fireproof and earthquake proof buildings?

Ahh, to be a young injineer again with these “paints” on your “palette”!

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