RANT: Some charity “leaders” are overpaid


The Rewards of Charity 

Charities are becoming a lot more generous with pay at the top. The tax-exempt organizations, which include many hospitals and colleges as well as traditional charities, provided seven-figure compensation to roughly 2,700 employees in 2014, our analysis of newly available data shows. The total is higher by a third than in 2011. While many of the big earners ran large enterprises, others were leaders of small charities, such as a couple who run an online ministry. Researchers who study pay at charities say it has been increasing for decades as organizations have grown more professional and adopted pay strategies from the corporate world, where executive compensation has also been on the rise. High pay at charities has drawn scrutiny from some lawmakers because the organizations receive substantial tax breaks for committing to public service.

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I use the Salvation Army as the exemplar.

And all Big Charity entities (i.e., Red Cross; anything connected with the UN or the Clinton Foundation) as the negative!


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