WSJ: Noticed an increase in drivers using their smartphones?

Friday, February 24, 2017

FROM 2017-Feb-21 WSJ’s daily briefing is named “The 10-Point” 

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Have you noticed an increase in drivers using their smartphones? Send your comments, which we may edit before publication, to Please include your name and location.

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Yes I see it. Sometimes I don’t believe it. Like on an interstate at 80 mphs. Other times, who cares like at a red light. Hopefully, the auto will catch up and allow more of us to interact with the phone like we do with the radio — eyes on the road. Personally, I put the phone on the passenger side floor so that even if tempted I can’t peek. I do enjoy listening to Tom Woods or Jason Stapleton podcasts and those keep me focused on the road. And not be lulled into boredom.
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