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Tuesday, February 7, 2017
NFL suggestions —
  • Depoliticize
  • Eliminate the psuedo patriotism
  • Lower the prices
  • Shorten the games
  • Start night games earlier (I have a bedtime)
  • Innovate the challenge system (Need them to get the calls right.)
  • Not every stoppage in play is not a time for 2 minutes of commericals
  • Prohibit “repetitious” commercials. (Same product or service ok; just need a different commercial for it. Repetition leads to “tune out”)
  • Less talking heads; more action.
  • Less pre-game and post-game
  • Fewer meaning less games
  • A “mercy rule” for the fans — down 40-3 in the last quarter; games over. (maybe first to 50 points)
  • Overtime needs to go until there’s a win. (Ties are like kissing your sister.)
  • Stop demeaning women by giving them meaningless on air on field “interviews”. 

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A New Playbook 
The NFL is searching for new ways to tighten its grip on the public’s attention. Ahead of Sunday’s championship matchup between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday plans to use his annual state-of-the-game press conference to stress that the league is serious about making changes amid steep ratings declines and other problems. The NFL has begun experimenting with shuffling the way ads appear in game broadcasts, and is considering making the weekly lineup of games easier to find on television as well as tweaking the pace of the sport itself. The move to shake things up comes after a season in which average viewership per game fell 8% overall and some teams played before ugly patches of empty seats in stadiums as sold tickets went unused.
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