GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment “licenses” are unnecessary; some are really absurd

FEB 9, 2017 @ 05:10 PM

Nebraska May Soon Cut Regulations For Barbers, Military Spouses, Even Potato Shippers
Institute For Justice (We are the national law firm for liberty.)
Nick Sibilla, Contributor

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Now more than a dozen licenses are in reformers’ crosshairs. Proposed legislation would lower the number of hours needed to become a licensed barber or cosmetologist from 2,100 hours of training to 1,500. That bill would also halve the required hours for massage therapists, and reduce coursework requirements for nail technicians by at least a third. The one-year experience requirement for title examiners would also be repealed. And separate legislation would allow military spouses with active, out-of-state nursing licenses to apply to practice in Nebraska.

One of the more unusual laws that may be on the chopping block is Nebraska’s license for potato shipping. Since 1945, anyone involved in shipping at least 180,000 pounds of Nebraska-grown potatoes has to obtain a license from the state’s Department of Agriculture. Potato shippers then must pay a tax (no more than two cents) for every 100 pounds of potatoes they transport, raising $75,000 in revenue each year. Only 12 licenses are currently active, according to the Department, and—thankfully—the state hasn’t had to discipline any sinister spud shippers.

Licensing is now one of the biggest issues for Nebraska’s labor markets. Today, one-third of the state’s workforce needs either a license or certificate from the government before they can legally work. All that red tape adds up: the Heritage Foundation found that occupational licensing costs the average Nebraska household over $940 each year.

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The free market will provide better protection. 

Ever heard of “Underwriters Laboratory”? Try and buy an appliance at Walmart that doesn’t have a UL label. You don’t even have to think about electrical safety. And all without the Gooferment!’

I have a litany of Gooferment bureaucrat stupidity — like the electrical inspector who had failed the state’s own test for electricians, but he was qualified to inspect other licensed electrician’s work. 

When will “We, The Sheeple” recognize that Gooferment “licensing” is Crony Capitalism at work.


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