INTERESTING: The “fog of war”?

Last night, I was at the American Legion #401 watching Super Bowl #51. Large amounts of adult refreshments were consumed by various individuals in vary amounts. There was food; lots of it. Otherwise, the alcohol would have taken over. O, of course, as sober as a judge, watched the game with interest.

Now bear in mind, this was mostly an anti-Brady anti-Pats pro-ATL crowd. But I in my cool injineeering logical mind reasoned that: (1) Brady was up to that game playing like a man possessed; (2) most of the talking heads were picking the Pats; and (3) for most of the week, the “line” never moved. 

So I “predicted” to any all who would listen that this would be a good game with lots of scoring and that the ball was going to get frequent flier miles from being tossed around so much. 

I was even so bold as to predict the score 35-32 Pats — total 67 points over the Vegas 59½. 

I admit when I heard about the 1M$ bet on ATL, my courage was shaken. I blissfully stuck to my prediction.

ANYWAY to the “fog of war” point, when at the end of the 4th Quarter with a tied score, confusion reigned. I heard at least SIX different explanations of the overtime rules from “knowledgeable” patron, who completely drowned out the TV. (Although, I thought I heard the ref and the talking heads gobbledy gook and thought it was wrong. Only ONE of the SIX explanations I KNEW was wrong — game would not end in a tie. I just admitted I did NOT know the Super Bowl rules.

So we all watched Brady lead the Pats to a touchdown and the game ended.

Every one was stunned.

I learned another valuable lesson — in addition to my rule of never bet on anything that talks — in the “fog of war”, no one knows what they are talking about. Probably even me.


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